Garden boxes for city folk

Urbanmac supply sustainable and stylish kitset raised garden beds and outdoor furniture made from macrocarpa.  

Our kitset raised gardens are made with untreated dressed sustainable macrocarpa (oh so smooth baby), without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals- making them ideal for gardens and furniture. Arriving to your door in a flatpack, they are ready for easy assembly.  If you are a DIY rookie, don't sweat it.  The kitset arrive with the holes pre-drilled, and all the screws supplied. And for the Auckland city folk, we even deliver Living Earth soil with your box so you can assemble and fill up in one foul swoop. We're pretty cool like that, always thinking about how to make living sustainably that little bit easier.  

Our chunky outdoor tables are seriously solid, and will give your backyard some major street cred in the looks department. Check them out!  Go on, have a look. 

We deliver nationwide!