Growing from seed February 16 2016

Growing vegetables from seed is so much easier than it sounds, and saves SO much money when growing a thriving garden. Leaving vegetable plants to "go to seed" means you have the power to either collect seed and replant them in an organised space, or let nature have its way with seeds spreading around where the wind blows it, allowing vege plants to crop up all over your garden in a crazy pattern... kinda fun to throw away the rule books sometimes! (admittedly I am of the plant in rows/orderly type!).

Green bean seeds

We have been collecting a bunch seeds from our recent harvest of green beans, ready to replant again next Spring and are stoked on how easy it is to score a whole 'nother round of growing for free from last years pickings.  Shove your finger in the dirt, plop a seed in, cover it over lightly, give the garden a water and you're done! Nek minit.... seedlings!