Living Earth Organic Veggie Mix 40 litre


The perfect addition to any urbanmac garden box.  This soil is not just any old soil, it's full of nourishing nutrients to help your vegetables thrive.  It's not magical though, you will still have to water them!

Organic Veggie Mix is suitable for growing only one type of veggie and that type is... delicious. Joking aside, you can actually grow ALL kinds of delicious veggies with this amazing mix. Plus, it's 100% weed-free, so none of those will end up in your salad.

Purchase the right amount of dirt of your box (and feel free to swap out a bag of Vege Mix for a bag of compost). Please note DELIVERY WITHIN AUCKLAND ONLY.

Mini Box 50cm x 50cm x 28cm =  4 bags of soil
1m x 1m x 280mm high =  8 bags of soil
1m x 1m x 420mm high =  10 bags of soil
2m x 1m x 280mm high =  14 bags of soil
2m x 1m x 420mm high =  23 bags of soil

KEEN TO PICK YOUR SOIL UP AND SAVE ON SHIPPING COST?  No problem. Simply use the coupon code millpickup at checkout to take off the cost of delivery and be in touch after purchase to arrange pickup from our mill in Patumahoe, Franklin South Auckland.

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